The People

When you enter McClellanville, you are greeted by friendly faces and a wave from neighbors.

A Thriving Community

The McClellanville Community Foundation is focused on reminding us that our story, our history, our future, and our hope is that together, with helping hands and generous hearts, the McClellanville community thrives. With significantly expanded growth and development in Charleston County, we recognize the pressure that growth places on our community. That is why the McClellanville Community Foundation is investing in and encouraging strong leadership and strategic action to preserve the rich history of our town.

Take a closer look at what we're working on

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McClellanville Middle School

The former McClellanville Middle School is a historic property that sits in the center of...
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Preservation of the Working Waterfront

The McClellanville Community Foundation, in partnership with the McClellanville Watermen’s Association, is working together to...
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Old Bethel AME Restoration

Tucked away on Drayton Street in the village of McClellanville, South Carolina is a Historical...