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What is the McClellanville Community Foundation?

The McClellanville Community Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is to conserve, protect, and invest in the future of the Saint James Santee Parish, our home. We are committed to conserving our diverse cultural and natural heritage while engaging with the social and economic challenges that lay before us.

We know that our mission is essential. The demands on our land, families, and natural rhythms of life are profound; our response cannot be passivity in the face of significant change. Together, we can shape a future in which our community will thrive. Now is the time for the McClellanville Community Foundation to encourage and invest in the leaders and opportunities that will shape our community for generations to come.

Mission Statement

The McClellanville Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the region of McClellanville, South Carolina through strategic grantmaking, leadership and community engagement, and direct charitable programming in the areas of arts and culture, education, social services, environmental conservation and the historic and cultural preservation of the local working waterfront.